Our Butchery

Quality meat is our passion.

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We butcher whole carcasses which helps maintain our quality control. Our 21 day matured joints are full of taste and tenderness.

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Our Lamb is sourced from Yorkshire farms using traditional farming methods which produce superb flavour and tenderness.

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Our Pork is sourced from a range of high quality Yorkshire farms.

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All the birds sourced are high welfare, barn raised and slow grown. This gives them more flavour and a better tasting bird.

John Dawson cutting meat with Phillip Dawson in the backround at C Dawson & Sons
serving only the the finest quality

Our Butchery

The majority of our meat is sourced from John Penny Abattoir a local Yorkshire business based in Rawdon.

One of the advantages of shopping from an independent butcher is that you can buy exactly as much as you need and be guaranteed that it’s the best quality possible.

Tender and delicious! Aging helps bring out the best in produce.
We still use the original aging methods used by our great grandfather which has ensured the best flavour and quality for years.

Once aged to perfection, our butchers will then cut and trim to create a more flavoursome, more tender, delicious cut of meat.

Our knowledgeable team are always here to help. May it be working out what portion size is best for your needs or discussing cooking methods, we are always striving to ensure our customers leave happy every time.

We encourage our customers to ask us ANYTHING about the food in our shop. We are here to help.

Our Fresh & Cooked Meat

All our Products are locally sourced and butchered in house

All of our Sausages are made using the original Dawson recipe and method.

We have a selection of Dry Cured Bacon including Back Bacon, Middle Bacon, Streaky Bacon and a range of Oak Smoked Bacon.

We have lots of other Fresh Meat products to choose from – some of them include Fresh Chicken Fillets in a selection of marinades, Rolled Pork Shoulder, Lamb Cushion, Lean Mince and Diced Steak, Braising Steak, Pigs Liver and Kidneys etc.

All our meats are cooked on the premises, and include Roast Ham, Boiled Ham, Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Turkey, Haslet and so much more.

Come to the shop to see all on offer.

C Dawson & Sons Pig being cut up by Phillip Dawson
C Dawson & Sons Lambs hunging in the chiller